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Blackbird Writes: Fanfiction + Images

Blackbird has done a fabulous job of embedding images into her fanfiction for The L Word. When became, we moved to a very easy to use technical platform - WordPress - that allows writers to simply copy and paste images into their stories, and Blackbird has taken full advantage of that to … [Continue Reading...]

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Clambake: 30 Years of Women’s Week

CLAMBAKE: 30 Years of Women’s Week in Provincetown from Andrea Meyerson on Vimeo. The year was 1984. Several women innkeepers in Provincetown, vivacious young entrepreneurs, got together to plan an event to entice their summer patrons to return during the off season. Without the luxury of email and social media, they wrote to all of […]

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Provincetown Women’s Week 2014

We cover Women’s Week quite a bit here at Want to see a cool video that looks back on 30 years of the best lesbian event anywhere? CLAMBAKE: 30 Years of Women’s Week in Provincetown from Andrea Meyerson on Vimeo. Between now and mid-October, you’ll see a bunch of articles by us, and some […]

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Lost Girl: The Role of Fan Fiction in Fandoms

  By Somewhataddicted   Nowadays, there can be so much more to being a fan of a particular show. Should you choose to participate, there’s the show’s home page, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and various message boards to share your love, or complaints. All of these add to our feeling of being connected to the show […]

Filming the Out With Dad Fanfiction Winners' Stories

Out With Dad Film Fanfiction Winners

Out With Dad – our favorite web series – has filmed the stories written by the winners in our fanfiction contest. Images from Instagram: We can’t wait to hear and see the stories read by the fabulous actresses Kate Middleton, Caitlynne Medreck, and Lindsey Middleton. We also hear there is a little news about Season […]